visual presentation 1


Create a Visual Presentation based on 1 chosen photographer based artist.

Pick an artist that is an important contributor to the history of photography. Create a Pow

erpoint or Keynote presentation. Just because the example PDF shows a landscape

photographer that does not mean that you have to choose a landscape photographer.

•Technical Aspects:Requires (see example PDF for help):

A Title Page: Photographer’s Name, birth place & inclusive dates (i.e. 1921–2009), portrait (if available).

Chronology: Provide (no more than a one page) chronological sequence (years) of the photographer’s important achievements

Summary:In your own words, provide no more than a one page explanation of the

photographer’s work. (What makes it significant?)

Photographs: A sequence of 20 samples of the photographer’s work with

titles and dates (12 pt font size).

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