response to discussion post minimum 100 words 87

You basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

The Most compelling topic within Correctional Management was Offender Management and rights. It is compelling to really tie-in infrastructure, policy/ procedures, and offender management. The course reviewed administration, offender management, staff management, environmental management, and the vision of corrections future; these are all relevant and it’s compelling to understanding the interdependence each area’s development has on the other.

More insight and perspective based on personal knowledge, understanding, and viewpoint were provided through discussions; These assisted in a greater understanding of the topic such as leadership/ centralized/ decentralized and how it is perceived or differentiated from another. After research and discussions, the difference and understanding became more developed and thorough.

  • The course utilized multiple resources: book, MUSE, internet resources, discussions, and chats. It appears all resources were valuable and tendered to differently learning styles (audio and visual). If I was unable or had clarity, it was easy to transition to another resource to find greater clarity.
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