marketing proposal for santa fe grill part f and change matrix

Marketing Proposal – Santa Fe Grill: Each week students will be adding new components to the ongoing case study. A breakdown of the work due each week follows:

Part A:
Title Page
         Table of Contents
         Segmentation of customer including:
                  Perceptual Map              
                  Common characteristics of customer and trend lines
Part B: 
Research Methodology including
         Descriptive variables
         Design of hypothesis (HO and HA)
Part C: 
Research Questions
Part D: 
Data Analysis – present findings from statistical ANOVA
         Present tables and graphs from SPSS
Develop company/corporate strategies based on the results of the ANOVA
Part E: 
Compare and Contrast different statistical test (2 qualitative and 2 quantitative)
Present a discussion on why the ANOVA is best suited for this application
         Conclusion with a faith integration component
Part F: 
Budget proposal
Part G: 
Executive Summary including 
                  Research objectives
                  Concise statement of method
                  Summary of key findings
Wk. 7 Submission of Final Marketing Research Proposal

Specific Details Regarding this Week's Assignment:

1. Your paper must meet the writing standards set by APA (6th Ed.)
2. Include a completed Change Matrix* (placed immediately following the title page) regarding the changes you made to Wk. 5 Part E
3. Students are required to present a formal budget outlining the expenses of the proposed research project.
Examples of expense items include:
Time to conduct research (both the primary and secondary researcher)
Travel (air and per diem)
Transportation (local)
Editing & Proofreading, Printing
This assignment requires you to contemplate each of the expenses (and thus, line items for your proposal). The proposal you present must be detailed, realistic, and accurate.
Insert an Excel line item spreadsheet directly into your main Proposal.

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