reflective paper on my summer internship experience


  • Reflective, well organized paper that is a minimum of five (and no more than seven) double-spaced pages written as a retrospective of the internship experience. This is your reflection of what you learned and interpersonal interactions while on the job. Please do not discuss at length technical procedures or research conducted specific to that job; this should be your reflection on what you feel you learned and how it benefitted you.
  • PowerPoint presentation describing significant internship experiences and special projects. Presentation visuals must be printed in color and readable. No corporate, proprietary, or personal/patient information may be used in any presentation or portfolio materials. All presentations are to be reviewed by the workplace supervisors before submission. No violations of copyright, trademark, HIPPA, or other authorities are permitted. Print one slide per page and in color for at least the main portfolio.

Your presentation should be 10- 12 minutes in length maximum.

Your presentation should focus on a brief description of your employer, your duties, and the knowledge and skills that you learned.

Be sure your visuals can be read in a large classroom.Use at least 1824 pt. fonts, avoid dark backgrounds, use high contrast, limit the amount of text on a slide.

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