the role of human resources in organizations

I have included some resources for your reference. All work must be original and in APA format. Please keep all paragraphs for 5 sentences.

You may choose one of the 3 companies to use for this assignment Amazon, McDonalds, or Nordstrom Inc. Whatever company you can find the most information is ok with me.

As a Human Resources professional, you may be faced with making tough decisions. This is true because much of your work is on behalf of the larger organization, unlike other departments whose work is primarily focused on their own functions. Therefore, you might receive much of the “heat” for the end-result of what you do on behalf of the organization. Conversely, you might not be recognized for the work that you do, since much of your work is behind the scenes.

For this Assignment, review the week’s Learning Resources and consider the larger role and work of the Human Resources Department/Division within organizations. Using the 10K Form available on U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. (2016). EDGAR. Company Filings (, select an organization using you might research further for the Annual Human Resources Operating Plan drafted in Week 5 and finalized in Week 7.
Note: To find a particular company’s Form 10-K filings, use the Company Search for the SEC’s EDGAR database. On the returned listing of filings for the company, enter “10-K” in the Filing Type box near the top of the page to filter for only Forms 10-K that have been filed.

The organization must be located in this search engine and have a large Human Resources Department or HR Division. There should be adequate information from this site, coupled with the company’s websites, to identify their business vision and mission, objectives, and strategies. You are encouraged to select an organization other than the one in which you work to facilitate achieving an organizational view not impacted by your current position view limitations – this is critical.

Since many organizations do not make their strategic plans widely available, you may need to deduce the organization’s business objectives and strategies and by reviewing 10-k forms (an example of which is located in this week’s Learning Resources), websites, and/or transcripts of quarterly earnings calls with the media, or through your own organizational awareness and/or communications as an employee of this organization.

To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 2- to 3-page paper:

  • Describe your selected organization in 1­–2 paragraphs
  • Explain the “visibility” of the Human Resources Department/Division’s role
  • Analyze how different departments of the organization are impacted by the Human Resources Department or Division’s responsibilities on behalf of the organization

Explain what you perceive as the Human Resources Department/Division’s added value to the success of the organization

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