final project101

Please edit and make it better then the presentation i have done. put in more information the note what i should talk about and notes.

Chosen case study for uber.

9-13 slides (already 10 slides are done)

PSY354I Final Project

Executive Summary of a Case Study

The following case studies have been used to assess incoming Master’s program candidates by New York University’s (NYU) Industrial /Organizational Psychology MA program.

The Case Study provides an opportunity for applicants to put Psychology and Science into practice (as expected in the program). It represents realistic preview of how one might be engaged to drive consultative intervention aimed at improving conditions for employers and employees alike. This is a business case that asks you to examine one of two companies (Uber or Volkswagen), from an I/O Psychology vantage point.

Submit a 7-10 minute presentation describing how you might advise and help Uber. What tradeoffs need to be evaluated? How might individual staff, work teams, and the overarching organization as a whole be involved to understand what to do now? How could successful change be measured? What might indicate that the intervention had addressed the most important problems needing to be addressed? What might a realistic practical business solution involve and entail?

As a burgeoning I/O Psychologist, it is of utmost importance to follow the guidelines set forth by your employer. For this assignment, I am paying particular attention to your professionalism – this includes (see rubric for more details):

1. Wearing professional attire: suits (with tie) for men, paired with a solid-colored dress shirts; Suits, pants suits or dresses with jacket for women; Clean grooming, ironed clothes and attention paid to the details.

2. Using a proper program to record a video of you and your PowerPoint (e.g., Screen-Cast-o-Matic, Knovio, or Explain Everything work well). Do NOT use your phone to record you sitting next to your iPad.

3. Speaking in a professional tone: the talk should sound practiced with few “uhs” and “ums”.

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