read and write about the apostle paul presents diverse

please follow what is been asked and note that i am i girl and Muslim. Just in case you will write something make it as me. And no copy from the online. The reading from the attachment only.

Discussion Board : The Apostle Paul presents diverse, and even contradictory images of women. He argues for an inclusive Christian community in which slave and free, male and female, Jew and Greek are all one. He encourages an independent, spiritually fulfilling life for women. Yet he also wants to subordinate the behavior of women in worship to the larger interests of the Christian community. How are we to understand and make sense of these contradictory images?

Please write a concise and well-organized response (between 500 and 600 words). You should i) base your argument on examples from the primary sources and lectures; ii) demonstrate knowledge of the basic historical narrative supplied by the lectures and textbook; iii) display critical thinking by developing a logical argument and articulating a well-supported position; and iv) use standard English grammar and punctuation.

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