define the key terms and answer the questions from chapters 20 21 civil rights movement and black power

Chapter 20 Define the following:

Non-Violent Direct Action

Bayard Rustin

Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka Ks. (1954)


Lynching of Emmett Till [1954]

Montgomery Bus Boycott [1955]

Little Rock 9 [1957]

Sit In Movement [1960/61]

Freedom Rides [1960s]

Bloody Sunday

March in Selma

Rosa Parks

Mahatma Ghandi

Freedom Summer

Medgar Evers

Daisy Bates

Fannie Lou Hamer

Civil Rights Act

Voting Rights Act

Civil Rights Act of 1957

Moynihan Report

Henry David Thoreau & Civil Disobedience

Chapter 21

Malcolm X

Armed Revolution

Bandung 1955

Stokely Carmichael

Black Panther Party for Self Defense

Huey P. Newton

Bobby Seale


Cultural revolution

Maulana Karenga & Kwanzaa

Leroi Jones

  • What are “Civil Rights?” [use an encyclopedia or dictionary]
  • Explain the strategy of “Non-Violent Direct Action”. [511-513]
  • What was the role of the boycott in the Montgomery Movement? Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King? [513-17] Also, what was the end result of using the boycott strategy?
  • How did James Lawson prepare black college students to engage the civil rights movement? [518-19]
  • What was the “Lunch counter sit in?” Explain if it was successful?
  • What was the intent of King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail?
  • What happened during “Freedom Summer” as related to the Civil Rights Movement? [524-28]
  • Why was media “press coverage” important to the movement?
  • CH 21. What was Malcolm X’s message and why were so many blacks in northern urban settings attracted to his message?
  • Explain Black Power as articulated by the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. [Stokely Carmichael, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, etc.]
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