business law 239

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In most states, the testator’s marriage after the execution of a will may affect the distribution of the estate.

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Faye executes a will in which Gail is appointed to administer the will. After Faye dies, Gail lacks the capacity to serve, and a court appoints Holly to handle the probate of Faye’s estate. In this situation, the administrator is

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When a federal agency decides to create a new rule, the agency publishes a notice of the proposed proceedings.

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When a state administrative regulation conflicts with a federal administrative regulation

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The doctrine of sovereign immunity is the principle by which one nation defers to the laws of another.

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Opti Meds Inc., a U.S. firm, signs a contract with Pharma Ltd., a Canadian firm, to give Pharma the right to sell Opti’s products in Canada. This is

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A firm may have monopoly power even though it is not the only seller in a market.

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Gearbox Inc., a maker of vehicle parts, refuses to sell to Motor Repair Inc., a national vehicle service firm. Gearbox convinces Cam Company, a competitor, to do the same. This is

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