adapting to global trends

For Human Resource professionals and other business leaders, one major challenge is that global trends cannot always be anticipated and predicted with anything near 100% accuracy. This makes the job of the Human Resources professional more interesting, but also more challenging. How can an organization with the help of its HR, adapt quickly and efficiently enough to stay ahead of competitors if the organization cannot predict trends more accurately?

For this Assignment, research and identify a global trend that has the potential to impact your chosen organization and specifically its Human Resources Department or Division and its Annual HR Operating Plan, which must be addressed in HR’s planning for the year ahead. The organization that I chose is Amazon Corporation

To complete this Assignment, in a 3- to 4-page paper respond to the following:

  • Describe a current global trend (e.g., social media, aging workforce, virtual workplace, global office, etc.) that might impact your chosen organization and specifically its Human Resources Department/ or Division’s HR strategies.
  • Using your HR SWOT analysis from Week 2, with corrections applied from faculty feedback and suggestions, address this external trend as either threats or opportunities, adding to your HR SWOT analysis. This will become the final version of your AHROP’s Appendix B.
  • Also, write an HR strategy (i.e., strategies are written as a single sentence with an action verb showing direction and can be measured), to address this external trend, together with 6-8 key action steps (as bullet points) that are needed to make this strategy become a reality. Action steps are used to guide the execution of a strategy, allowing anyone to follow the plan.

I have attached the HR SWOT analysis with the professor feedback. You can delete whatever is not needed on the HR SWOT analysis.

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