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NSG/514: Health Law, Policy, Ethics, And Global Trends

Wk 2 Assignment – Hospital Decision Making [due Mon]

Wk 2 Assignment – Hospital Decision Making [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Search the University Library for academic scholarly articles on cost shifting and cross-subsidization in health care.

    Write a 1,050-word paper.

    and Conclusion are required. The paper is required to address the following bullet points using the headings that are in bold below:

    • The similarities and differences between cost shifting and cross-subsidization. Shifting and Cross-Subsidization
    • The benefits and disadvantages of cost shifting and cross-subsidization. Advantages and Disadvantages
    • The policies that use these methods. Policies and Methods
    • The role Medicare and managed care play in hospitals using cost shifting and cross-subsidization. Medicare and Managed Care
    • Whether there is an alternate solution to address the financial loss hospitals incur when treating uninsured patients Alternate Solution(s)

    Cite at least three scholarly sources, one of which can be
    Health Policy and Politics.

    Format your paper according to APA guidelines. See Sample APA paper in Resources.

    Submit your assignment.


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