scripts for different broadcast media

Continue to work on your final project by applying the principles of this module to develop scripts for different broadcast media advertising your product, service or company. You may wish to use the templates found in the Module Resources folder and record your commercials to create a podcast or video. The company is Amazon.

Library Link: Tune into better radio ads
This article provides “practical tips for producing better radio commercials.”

Blog: Guide to writing effective ad copy
This blog entry contains “a few tips that can assist you in developing unique and catchy ad copy for effective online marketing.”

Article: Writing effective television commercials that sell
This article examines the principles underlying effective television commercials.

Website: Advertising templates
These templates from Appalachian State University provide a starting place in drafting commercial scripts for multiple media.

Article: 10 Essentials for an Effective TV Commercial
This article explains how to product an effective television commercial.

Library article: Make hot radio ads
This article, authored by an experienced radio writer, contains “a few pointers” for new writers.

Website: Online ads tested
This website presents research findings on which online ads perform better with respect to “standing out” or “blending in” to host content.

Article: Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising strategies
This article presents findings on the comparison of targeted ads to ads featuring video, pop-ups, or ads taking over the whole page.

Library Link: Online advertising: Keeping one step ahead
This article analyzes the specific qualities of online advertising.

Blog: 5 Tips to make your online banner ad design more attractive and effective
This blog entry discusses online banner ads.

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