paper 4 argumentative

Essay 4 (Argument) (1200-1400 words) ENC 1101 Objective:Write a well-developed essay in proper MLA format—double-spaced with your name, date, and section in top left corner—that addresses the following topic: Step 1: Choose a controversial topic about which you are passionate and in which you are personally involved. Write a 600-700-word essay arguing your position on the issue. Use one (and only one) source to support your argument. You must clearly define the issue, and you must also use at least two methods of argument—logos, ethos, pathos—to delineate your position. Step 2: Once you have written Step 1, write a second essay, also 600-700 words, in which you argue the opposite viewpoint of the same issue. Again, you will use one (and only one) source to support the argument, and you must use at least two methods of argument. You do not need to redefine the issue (unless disagreement about the very definition of the issue is part of the problem). Note: Your goal is to write both papers such that a reader would not instantly know which position is your actual belief. In order to fully articulate your own beliefs and positions, you have to know the other side’s arguments as well. Writing Tasks: As you outline and draft your essay, keep the following in mind:  This essay should have a shorter introduction than the previous essays; no more than five sentences, and you need to clearly lay out your thesis as part of the paragraph.  Remember in both steps to focus on the ideas and not the idea holders.  You MUST include a Works Cited page for your source.  Check to see that you are really responding to the topic. Ask yourself: if someone picked up my essay and read it without knowing the assignment, would that person be able to tell what the topic was? If you think the reader might not be able to identify the topic from simply reading your essay, go back and check your thesis and topic sentences for focus.

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