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The discussion question consists of three independent parts. Address each part under your main contribution to this discussion board:

  • Events can be reported in two main fashions: polling and reporting. In the polling system, the management station will query the agents for their values and their events, while in the event reporting paradigm the agents will report their values and their events back to the manager. When would you choose one approach over the other and why? Justify your responses with appropriate examples. Which approach does SNMP use and how?
  • RMON1 objects provide new information at the Media Access Control (MAC) layer, whereas RMON2 objects provide new information at the Network layer and all layers above. The focus of RMON2 objects is examination of traffic at the Network and higher layers of the OSI Reference Model so that the levels of service can be requested, granted, and managed. RMON2 is matched to the need of state-based traffic analysis being required by today’s network. Do you agree with that claim? Why? Justify your answers with rationales.
  • Based on your textbook readings in Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture, explain the notions of polling agent and regular monitoring agent implementations, and discuss the differences between the two notions.

2) Also need help to comment provide comments to two classmate posts ** & Question ask by professor


  • Cite any sources you use using correct APA format on a separate page. Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Please consider this top priority).
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