information techonolgy


I have an assignment, so you need to follow the instructor. Please Don’t copy any words and no plagiarism. only own words.

Organizations provide vital products and services to consumers. In this paper we will explore the societal impacts of point-of-sale systems, travel systems and hospital systems. In this assignment you will:

1. Research and report one organization that has experienced issues with point of sales systems affecting consumers on a national or world wide stage.

2. Research a different organization that experienced a large system outage affecting travelers at one airport or flights coming from other airports or use other travel industries such as ships or trains.

3. Research a hospital that has experienced a natural or other type of disaster that caused significant impacts to patients, employees and community.

This paper requires research using the school library or Internet to find relevant: material supporting your discussions. When you use information from others, you must cite/reference this information (this is a requirement and not optional). I am looking for quality of content, the length of your paper should be based upon quality of content, not writing a lot of words that are not focused on the subject. As a guide, the length of your paper should be a minimum of two pages of content (subject matter); title page and the reference section are not counted as content. Review, re-read and ensure your paper is properly formatted. Use the APA Template to help structure your paper

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