homeland security 71


Of course the discussion this week of border security would not be complete without addressing the issue of the wall/fence on the southern border the US shares with Mexico. This has clearly been an issue of much controversy in the US, but for this reaction essay, look at the issue from the point of border security and terrorism prevention which is the focus of our discussion this module.

Do you think we need additional security (physical barriers) at the southern border? Make sure to support your answer with evidence and research. Or perhaps there are other ways we could ensure we have a more secure border? Identify and describe other ways you think Customs and Border Protection could maintain security/safety at our borders.

Or, maybe you do not think we need additional security at the southern border. Argue your perspective of why we don’t need to add more, again using evidence and research.

Either side of the argument should be situated in the context of the impact on the criminal justice system, terrorist identification and terrorism prevention, and overall safety and security of our nation.

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