describe the economic importance of the role of cotton and slavery in the nineteenth century

What legislation were the Radical Republicans responsible for pushing through Congress? What were some of the achievements made during Reconstruction? What forces worked to undermine Reconstruction progress? How did the African American experience differ from the “white-ethnic” assimilation experience during the latter 1800s and early 1900s. What “rubric” or ruler was used to measure the “assimibility” of immigrant groups? How did the Americanization process of European, Asian, Native American groups differ? How was it similar? What role did societal and legal forces play in the Americanization of immigrant groups? Can you speculate how the Americanization process impacts the contemporary views of these communities today? If so, describe that speculation.

(In 1000 words (3.5 pages-minimum/double spaced/12 inch font/no cover page), use your readings, articles, film clips, images and prof’s written lecture to answer the following questions. No need to repeat the question in your answer.)

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