critical and creative thinking powerpoint 1

In this assignment, you must examine the critical- and creating-thinking process, as well as their importance in higher-level thinking.

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation, including detailed speaker notes, explaining critical- and creative-thinking skills. Include the following:
1. Identify an important decision you have made that required critical and creative thinking.
2. Discuss your decision-making process, and explain how critical and creative thinking contributed to the quality of your decision.
3. Identify characteristics of critical and creative thought.
4. Explain why critical and creative thinking are considered higher levels of thought.

Format your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines: Treat the presentation as if it were an academic paper. Make the first slide the title page slide. Include in-text citations on any body slides that require them, revealing outside source information. Make the last slide the References Page slide.

Instruction on power-point
1) make sure that you have substantive speaker’s notes for all your slides as it is the only that the reader can get a full understanding of the depth of your knowledge.
2) Use short sentences for your bullet points (up to seven words). Write the bullet points in at least 22 point font and only have 5-6 bullets per slides.
3) Make sure to include in-text citations on your slides and speaker’s notes. You remember to include an introduction and conclusion written in bullet points. You kept in mind a key instruction to “Treat your presentation as if it were an academic paper.”
4) Remember that the title and references slides are not included in the count.

my personal needs

1) must be clean, fresh and plagiarism free work.
2) Try using simple English wherever possible. Make sure its grammatically correct.
3) Speaker notes is important. Please explain the slide as much as possible.
4) I believe in working with one tutor throughout semester and this course programm will last 2 years and I will be needing atleast one paper each week. So win my trust again.
5) I can provide +12-24 hours time if needed.

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