cjl2062 questions chapters 7 10 13


Your answers must be detailed qualifying your knowledge and you must cite court cases relative to questions. Questions and answers must be typed and the answers must include the page number and be double spaced with a 12-point font (Times New Roman).

Chapter 7

  1. What restrictions does the Fourth Amendment put on private security guards, such as store detectives or private investigators?
  2. Explain why the Fourth Amendment applies to the federal government and to state, county and municipal governments.
  3. At what point does stop and frisk develop into search and seizure?
  4. To protect the public, can government ever really go “too far”?

Chapter 10

  1. Does the Miranda decision impede police work?
  2. Would a different result occur, given exactly the same circumstances of an interrogation, for what a private security officer could do as opposed to what a city police officer must do?
  3. Consider the USA PATRIOT Act, do you think Americans could ever sacrifice too many rights in exchange for national security?
  4. What do you think motivates informants, and should their information be considered reliable?

Chapter 13

  1. Discuss why the framers of the Constitution probably thought it necessary to include the Ninth and Tenth Amendments?
  2. Is there any way an internal military dictatorship could take over the present government in the United States and be successful?
  3. Is there present day concern that the national government is too powerful?
  4. Does the Constitution work as well as it was meant to? Why or why not?
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