business analysis project

Analyze a publicly-traded corporation. Present your report on a Word document in Times New Roman 12-point type (Arial 10 for tables). Build your own tables. Do not copy and paste any data to your report.

Part I: General Information

-Nature of operations

-Brief history of the firm

-CEO, CFO, CMO, COO compensation

-Summarize the highlights of the cover Letter to Shareholders from the Annual Report

Part II: Construct a Financial Analysis Table (common size; three years) and summarize profitability trends


-Cost of Revenue

-Gross Profit

-Operating Expenses

-Operating Income

-Earnings Before Tax

-Income Tax

-Net Income

-Price -to- Earnings (in dollars)

-Earnings per Share (in dollars)

Part III: Construct a Cash Flow Activity Table (three years; values in millions) then summarize cash flow over the period

-Net Income

-Net Cash – Flow Operating

-Net Cash Flows -Investing

-Net Cash Flow – Financing

-Net Cash Flow

Part IV: Summarize the highlights of the Independent Auditor’s Report

Part V: Conclusions

Part VI: Bibliography

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