ap preliminary solution evaluation

Before we get into the AP Prospectus and drafts, I’d like you to consider a few possible solutions in terms of the reading we did for Tuesday. For this assignment, please select two possible solutions to your HCP problem, and evaluate each based on the terms presented in the AGWR, pages 244-246. To do so, follow these directions:

1) Describe each of the solutions in detail (making sure to cite sources when necessary).

2) Carefully read through each of the 5 categories listed on pages 244-246 of the AGWR (Causation, Coverage, Cost/Benefit, Feasibility, and Comparison).

3) Then, FOR EACH SOLUTION: Using one bullet point for each category, answer the category’s question(s) in as much detail as possible. Then, assign the solution a ranking for each category (EXCELLENT, AVERAGE, or POOR).

Example (of a couple categories):

• Causation – Although policing toxic posts and statements in online games can help reduce overall toxicity, banning and punishing does not address the overall conditions that encourage players to act this way in the first place. (POOR)

• Coverage – Since these major game franchises reach millions of players [a specific number from research could be provided here], it is likely that making these changes to game protagonists will have a broad affect on the the overall gaming community. (GOOD)

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