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write up an Annotated Bibliography on four new scholarly database sources , I repeat, four new scholarly database sources for your paper topic based on the instructions given in the Annotated Bibliographies PowerPoint. APA format!!!!

The sources should come from the FGCU Library databases. Not all database sources are scholarly; you must filter the search for these.

Web sources and those found on the database which are not scholarly will result in a zero for the assignment.

Don’t forget the Synthesis assignment, which can be found at the end of the Annotated Bibliographies and Synthesis Presentation.

  • In-text citations are needed only if directly quoting information from the source.

And of course, revise and edit carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a number of brief descriptive and evaluative paragraphs. These descriptions and evaluations are the annotations. (Think “notes” on works).These serve to help you remember what each of your sources is about when you write the research paper.

Be sure to go into enough detail so that the reader can fully understand what the site or article is about.

Notice that the selection isn’t summarized from start to finish. The most important information to include is the writer’s main point, and their main

support. You may only use scholarly database sources. Be 100% sure to filter for scholarly sources on the database. No web sources are permitted. None. That means no newspaper articles, no .org sites, and no .edu sites.Avoid any and all direct quotes. Use your own words.

Cite all sources in-text and in a references page at the end using correct APA format.Use APA format, including title page, page heading and numbering; use 12 point Times Roman font, and double spacing. You can find guidelines for APA page formatting at Purdue OWL or the FGCU Library page.As always, double check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before submitting your assignment. Assignments that have not been edited and revised, are incomplete, or do not follow the directions will receive a zero. Create a correct APA title page titled “Annotated Bibliography.”

Part II: Synthesis AssignmentAs you know, synthesis is when you take facts from a number of different sources, put them together, and reach a conclusion.It’s an integral part of academic research; a college research paper must reflect a synthesis of source information rather

than summaries of sources put together. At the end of your Annotated Bibliography, write the title “Synthesis” and answer the following questions: As you saw in the restaurant activity, there are many valid conclusions that can be reached about a body of information. What makes a conclusion valid is that it’s based on good logic and evidence.1.

Give one big conclusion you’ve reached about the sum total information you have read about it so far.

Give one fact from each source you’ve used in your Annotated Bibliography that your conclusion is based on.

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