analytical essay assignment eng 102 1



  • Review Chapter 6: Analyzing Argument for this week’s textbook homework assignment.
  • Chapter 11: Arguing the Past
    • Make note of the discussion of Evaluation Arguments in Chapter 11, Section 2 and the discussion of Appeals to Logic and Appeals to Value in Chapter 11, Section 3 for the Analytical Essay.
  • Homework: Chapter 6 – Analyzing Argument
  • Submit final Analytical Essay.
  • Review Chapter 14 throughout the term for guidance with MLA documentation.

Discussion board prompt:

  • Read “Draft: ‘The Power of Failure: J.K. Rowlings’ 2008 Harvard Commencement Speech’”by Liz Winhover in the Student Papers section of the textbook. You can find this reading by opening the Student Papers section of the textbook, and then selecting the Analysis section.
  • Watch the following Research Tips tutorials from the library: “Research Tips: Keyword Search”, “Research Tips: Keyword vs. Subject Search”, and “Research Tips: Refining Results with Limiters”.
    • What helpful guidelines for conducting research in the database did you learn from these videos?
    • How will you use this information while conducting secondary research for your Analytical essay?
    • What questions or concerns do you have about conducting secondary research?

Textbook homework assignments:


MLA Documentation:

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