75 150 each discussion on federalism and intergovernmental relations question

1.Governmental accountability is an important aspect for public administrators to be effective.

Explain what steps can be taken to secure and perhaps increase governmental accountability to the people? In your opinion, how effective is each of the devices likely to be? Why? Include at least one source which can be your textbook.

In your follow up posts respond to two other students and analyze their suggested methods. Could the steps that you listed be more effective? Why?

  • This week we reviewed federalism and intergovernmental relations.

2. Based on this week’s topics, find a relevant, recent and credible news piece (article or video). Suggested sites on which to find credible news include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, or NPR, just to name a few. Provide a summary of the piece and identify aspects of the story that relate to federalism and intergovernmental relations. Be sure to include a link or attachment of your news piece and cite your source.

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