2 assignments 1 police function and 1 eng

1. Complete the narrative of a police report

Research the proper contents of a good police report

Make sure to include:

-where you were dispatched

-why you were dispatched

-what happened / the crime

-who committed the crime / suspect


2. Research Report. 8 pages Double Spaced . Out of those 8 pages, one whole page can be devoted to pictures, charts, or graphics. Students can either have one whole page of graphics, or there can be possibly 4 graphics that take up a quarter page each spread throughout the report.

The topic of the report is to connect to the student’s major, future profession, or any idea having to do with business, science, or health. Other than that guideline, students are free to choose their own topic. The report will incorporate elements of design such as headings, white-space and a table of contents. Students must use either MLA or APA Style for crediting sources.

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