your leadership values executive presence and winning

Dont Worry about recording in a Video just used this format on paper

1. Identify 1-3 leadership values that are most important to you. Explain the reasons for their importance, using the below questions as a guide:

a. Why are these values important to you?

b. As a leader, why are these values essential for effective communication

? c. How do these values impact/support your executive presence?

2. Discuss a business leader (other than Jack Welch) who exhibits executive presence.

a. In what ways does this leader exhibit executive presence?

b. What aspects of his or her executive presence appeal to you? Why?

c. How does your leadership style compare to this leader’s?

3. Jack defines winning as, “Growing yourself, your organization, and your teams.” Describe what winning means for you.

a. What does winning look like for you?

b. Why is it important to you?

c. How do your leadership values support winning for you?

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