writing assignment 479

Write a short summary of the article (provided below) and how your selected article demonstrates or represents a term/subject from our readings/notes (submit on day of presentation).

a. Rough Draft by August 6th [write names of both group members on article]

.b. Final Submission: Cover Page with your name(s) and day(s)/time class meets, 1-3 pages long body, double-spaced, stapled (all material, including original article if different from final submission and rough draft), standard font; Grade Sheet (last page).

c. Use In-Text Citation for sources (article and textbook)

d. Written portion will be graded on:

i. Meeting objective/requirements of assignment – 5 points

ii. Grammar/Spelling and Syntax – 5 points

iii. Flow/Clarity – 5 points

iv. Proper citation / Article Approval / Rough Draft – 5 points

e. Be concise/specific; try not to cover too much.

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