write few sentences for each question

1)What are 5 primary agents of socialization, and explain why they are a powerful social force.

2)If you were to study resocialization, what about this topic would you study, and why?

3)What is internalization and how can it create a self-fulfillling prophesy?

4)What is social learning theory, and how is useful to understanding socialization and behavioral change?

5)Why is role-taking considered such an important developmental achievement in socialization?

6)Describe anticipatory socialization and its importance as a milestone in socialization?

7)What do sociologists call the sense of one’s social identity?

8)What are reference groups, and how do they impact socialization and behavior?

Attached is the textbook and it’s in chapter 4 socialization. You will need this to answer the questions. MUST NOT copy word for word Benokraitis’s writing – they must RESTATE in their own words the answers to each question.

Students may NOT use outside internet sources. Copying and pasting from the Internet answers to the quiz questions will receive a ZERO. This is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such.

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