write a well developed essay 3 5 typed pages comparing works by two different authors from the course

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You are to write a well-developed essay (3-5 typed pages) comparing works by two different authors from the course. Look for a point of comparison to focus your work—for example, a common theme, similar setting, or characters with something in common. You then need to develop your own point of view on what the authors mean and then develop your interpretation and support it with evidence from the text. Your paper should focus on the works we have read (in other words, I do not want you to discuss the authors’ lives). The purpose of your paper should be to improve your reader’s understanding of the works you are discussing and to demonstrate your own understanding of the works. Your paper should not be just generalizations, nor should it be just plot summary.

You will need to illustrate your points with examples and quotations from the literature. When you quote from a work, give the page number from our book in parentheses after the quotation. If you quote from poetry, preserve the line breaks and punctuation as they appear in the original work. This paper is not meant to be a research paper. However, if you do use any secondary sources, you need to add a works cited page and cite your sources properly. Use MLA format for your paper

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