write a 10 pg research proposal and create power point presentation

Introduction Literature Review Procedures Other

Statement of Problem (may include literature review or mini review)

Purpose of the Study

At least one research
question, with at least two subquestions

May be included in another section

Must include 10-12 reputable sources

Qualitative or mixed- methods research strategy

Role of the researcher

Data collection procedures

Definitions as needed

Anticipated ethical issues

Significance of the study

Final Project: Research Proposal and Research Presentation

Research Proposal

Write a research proposal on the following topic, using mix method, please see attachments for reference to include in paper. In addition to writing the paper, create a power point presentation, see instructions below.

Central question- what are some reasons why Police officers in the U.S. express dissatisfaction with mental health services available to them?

Subquestion- what are the most significant factors causing the lack of mental health assistance for police officers in the U.S.?

– What are some solutions that can be proposed to change or improve the issue?

the proposal is required to have:

  • 12-15 double spaced pages of research
  • 10-12 literature review sources
  • Reference and title pages (do not count toward page count)
  • Appendixes as needed (do not count toward page count)
  • Headers and subheaders are encouraged

Research Presentation

Create and a PowerPoint based upon their research proposal. The presentation is required to be:

  • 8-12 slides (recommended 1 slide per major research proposal section included)
  • Internal citations in slides with References Slide(s), Reference Slide(s) do not count toward slide count
  • Graphics only as necessary

Use the below Lit Review to include in paper as well as references and the research proposal for methodology section. If you have any questions please contact me ASAP

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