wirless sensonode engineering

Additional Information :

I want to make order for writing methodology chapter I will attach file include the idea and the field of area
Best Regards

Der Writer – The main idea focus on the file sent to you under name (For Methodology) I also will send to you an update for the same file -Also I attached some relevant files help to catch the idea this field Localization in wireless communication the writer must have very good information in this field

please check these files also but the main idea is focus on my work which sent to you (for Methodology ) files

please remember that the main idea focus on Localization in MIMO-WSN using Adaptive mutation of artificial Bee colony and will compare with standard artificial Bee colony and Genetic algorithm all these clear in the file( For Methodology ) but need more work and arrangement to appear good Methodology chapter for PhD

The main idea and all the methodology chapter focus on attached file and you can add and enhance from other file because support the main idea and after complete the order I will send you an updated for the attached file

Please ,remember I sent many benefit documents and I will send you sample Methodology with writing style ,only you need to reform the file ( For Methodology )and add your writing magic

check these file and confirm to do better from this sample

Please remember that I writer most of information in the file For Methodology and Iwill send updater file ,. This will help you to shorten the search time and write so you have two options either to reduce or ask you to increase the pages

I mean usually you start searching and collect information and writing the word from beginning 100% but in my case I provided about 70% form this work ,you need to consider this file (For Methodology) and rewrite rearrange and add more good finishing

When you used the file for methodology may be you write and you find that you need more than 5 page this is what I mean

Dear Writer
I attached the update file [For Methodology ] as I told you previously
This will help you to shorten the search time please do not forget Mathematical equations
With Best Regards

Dear Writer I think this is now the methodology chapter for Dissertation please I already send you the paper name for methodology I feel it same file you need to follow the basic methodology I attached sample of methodology content and some reference thesis in the same field please read the file methodology content sample and read : chapter 3 and 4 in attached file [25a] chapter 3 in attached file [37A] chapter 3 ,4 and 5 in the attached file [36a] With Best Regards

these are the file

Dear writer
I know is this filed is very difficult that why I looking for help from you

after you read all attached file you can start writing the content Methodology depending on our title [Node Localization in MIMO-WSN Using Adaptive mutation Artifial Bee colony ] you can see also these videos


Dear Writer
I attached the content

Also I attached the word file for Proposed AMABC Technique node Localization in MIMO Networks this file can help you to cover the contebt 3,3,4 and 3,5,1 and part of 3.3.2 from the content file

Please follow content and files which sent to you and take your time Regards

Send the suitable file please review all sent files and search in web more related information and start to write the points in the the content
With best Regards

Important Note: Please ask for anymore description/attachments/class notes/materials if you are not very comfortable with the topic. Also, please ask for deadline extension well in advance, if you feel that you are not able to complete the order on time.

Best Regards,

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