wireless network diagram for abc corporation

Create a Network Diagram

Your network diagram needs to include the following elements:

  • Each Wireless Access Point (WAP)
  • Each WAP’s critical configuration details – name, IP address, SSID, connection protocols, encryption protocols and wireless channel
  • The Windows authentication server – including name, IP address, and important configuration details
  • Additional switches and connections between the building’s floors to establish the network(s)
  • IP Address ranges that will be assigned to network devices when they join the wireless networks

Network Documentation

Your network design document needs to explain each of the elements in your wireless network design. Explain how you segmented your wireless network from other parts of the network. Describe what security settings you might want to implement in your router. Describe the reason for the number of access points that you need on each floor.

What to Turn In

For assignments that require you to submit Visio work, please export your file and submit as a PDF. Also, please submit your original Visio file.
You also need to turn in a .doc/.docx file that explains your network diagram elements. Include snapshots from your network diagram in your .doc/.docx file – and annotate your diagram snapshots to better help your explanation of your network.

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