why do i want to be a social worker

Please stick to the requirements below:

Personal Background: I lived a good life, was always the one who others came to for help

Describe significant life experiences that have led you to the development of your personality, your values, your belief systems, and to your decision to pursue a career in social work.

Career Objectives: I want to work with children and trauma

Describe your career aspirations within the field of social work. Explain what you hope to do with your MSW degree, what area of social work would you like to pursue and what populations would like to work with through the social work profession.

Personal Evaluation:

Describe why you think you will make a good clinical social work student as well as an effective social worker. Discuss your readiness for rigorous graduate work, your ability to manage the heavy demands of graduate school with your other personal and professional responsibilities, your strengths and weakness, and why you think Widener University Graduate Social Work Program is a good fit for you.

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