week 5 amp 6

Hi, this time’s work is very important for me, please do you best to finish them. Thank you!

And I will post all the materials for you, and also the time schedule.

There are total 6 works, which are:

1)week 5 writing workshop 1(including response),


3)week 5 discussion(including response),

4)week 5 writing workshop 2(including response),

5)essay 3 rough draft and peer review,

6)essay 3 final draft.

Here is the related work and materials schedule:

#1 welcome video


#2 writing lesson 8

writing lesson 9

week 5 writing workshop 1 (due is exactly 48 hours(2 days) from now)


#3 read TIAU

quiz( due finish in 96 hours(4 days))


#4 week 5 discussion (due is exactly 144 hours(6 days) from now)

writing lesson 10

week 5 writing workshop 2 (due is exactly 144 hours(6 days) from now)


#5 read CIEQ

writing lesson 11

essay 3 peer review and rough draft ( due is exactly 216 hours(9 days) from now)


#6 essay 3 final draft( due is exactly 264 hours(11 days))

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