week 4 forum day 2 of disaster simulation with 300 words with two responses 150 words each


Scenario – Conditions in the vicinity of Disaster County and Bobsville have deteriorated and as a result the NWS has issued the following watch: “Atmospheric conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms capable of producing a tornado. Please evaluate your capability to seek shelter should this watch be changed to a warning.”

  1. What do you do? (Role Specific)
  2. What role did you play?
  3. What actions did you initiate (provide a minimum of 3)?
  4. Were there any obstacles presented?
  5. What was the outcome of your actions?
  6. How does this contribute to the overall preparedness/response effort?

Please review the YouTube video on a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWBpfwWfry4


Instructions: Post your answer to each update in the timeframe before the next update is released. You also need to provide at least two (2) feedback posts to your peers, and should include information that helps to enhance the discussion on the topic. Try to include info that is challenging and respectful and that will stimulate debate.

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