week 1 plan of action for week 2

Assignment Instructions

For Weeks 1-6, you will complete a Plan of Action on a weekly basis. The Plan of Action for Week 2 will focus on your topic proposal, for Week 3, on creating a detailed outline, and for Week 6 on submitting a rough draft. For Weeks 1, 4, and 5, your action plan should address the following points:

Please include a Bolded Heading for each discussion point below. Add your name to the end of the name of all documents you submit (Ex- Week1PlanofActionCurtinP)

Progress from last to this week

Goals to accomplish with Capstone Project for the upcoming week (e.g., write 10 pages)

Any anticipated problems with accomplishing these goals, and what you can do to ensure that progress is not impeded

During Week 2, your Action Plan will focus on formally presenting your topic for your integrated project for approval.

Your Topic Proposal Action Plan should include the following elements:

  • List the four courses from your program that will serve as the subject matter focus for your integrated review. (3 points)
  • Define/describe a topic from each of the four courses (approximately 1 sentence each). (5 points)
  • Describe the overarching theme of your integrated paper and how the four topics described above relate to each other under this overarching theme (approximately 2-4 paragraphs total). (12 points)
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