unit 4 project solving worldly issues with entrepreneurship 1

You will choose one world issue today and you will invent or innovate a solution to that problem. Think about what you learned of entrepreneurs earlier in this course of how they bring products and services to the market to solve problems; and now you will apply your knowledge of entrepreneurship to solve a worldly issue. There needs to be some planning into your product or service and who it would directly benefit. Here are some steps in inventing your product or service:

  1. Brainstorm: Focus on one worldly problem and generate ideas that you think will help solving them. Remember, your idea should be useful to real world issues and/or the people that it affects.
  2. Make a list of the top ideas and ways that it could improve the situation. How can your invention benefit or improve others lives. Narrow it down to one idea that you will use as your invention to solve the problem.
  3. Research your invention to find out if it is unique.
  4. Create a chart or infographic that illustrates the invention and three detailed ways that it solves a worldly issue. You may use a table in microsoft word or within your course to create your chart.
  5. Then, you will write about it in a 400-600 word paper. If you feel your idea would be very effective, you can research how to patent or trademark it with the U.S Patent source below.
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