transnational influences on rights citizenship and democratization 1

Quiz1. Week 5 Forum / Transnational influences on rights, citizenship, and democratization

Please discuss this question:

1. Choosing one of the case studies in the Jackson chapters (chapter 8, 9, or 10), how has transnational law shaped that society? What are two primary issues or challenges? How are those different (or the same) from the other two societies?

Please provide a news link that demonstrates your main point.

News sources on the internet may be found in our Library (see the link on the left-side toolbar). Do an “advanced search” to set date parameters to the past six months.

Remember to read your texts, watch the videos, and read any other materials in Week Five Lessons. Include those ideas in your discussions.

Follow the Turabian Quick Guide style for author/date.


Week 5: Transnational Influences on Rights, Citizenship, and Democratization

Reading & Resources

Ziyanak, Sebahattin. 2016. “Responding to transnationalism phenomena.”

Earnest, David C. 2008. Old Nations, New Voters : Nationalism, transnationalism, and democracy in the ERA of global migration. – Chapter 6 only.

Roht-Arriaza, Naomi. 2010. The Pinochet Effect. – Chapter 7 only.

Kagan, Robert A. 2007. “Globalization and legal change: The “Americanization” of European law?”

Click here for the readings listed by title:

Additional Resources

United National Rule of Law

World Justice Project


First, let’s continue our work with different indexes. This week we will use The Heritage Foundation 2018 Index of Economic Freedom. Using the state(Kenya) you have used in past weeks answer the following questions:

1. What is your country ranking?

2. How does the state rank in Rule of Law?

3. How does the state rank in Government Size?

4. How does the state rank in Regulatory Efficiency?

5. How does the state rank in Open Markets?

Provide some quick analysis about the economic security of the state you chose.

Switching gears…

This week, you will play the role of a newly elected Sri Lankan official. It is your duty to help straighten out the economic disparity problems that exist in Sri Lanka. Draft a proposal to your fellow Parliament members that includes the following:

1. A brief historical overview of the reason for the current economic situation

2. Your solution to help combat the problem (choose 1 or 2 things max for this forum, and be ery specific!)

3. Explain specific actors in the international, national and local community that will need to be involved (name them, if it’s an NGO – name the specific NGO).

4. If you are choosing to eliminate any current funding or ventures – be specific in how you would work with businesses and allies

5. Persuade your fellow Parliament members (your classmates) to approve your solution.

Additional Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 300 words.


Bhavan, T. (2013). Policies and effectiveness of foreign aid: The case of sri lanka. Asian Economic and Financial Review, 3(3), 363.

A.C.K. Lee. (2008). Local perspectives on humanitarian aid in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, Public Health, 122 (12), 1410-1417.

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