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Imago Dei refers to man being made in the image of God. This is a Christian concept written in the book of Genesis as the creation story is told. “Image of God is defined as the metaphysical expression, associated uniquely to humans, which signifies the symbolical connection between God and humanity,” (Dei”,2019). Humans were created by God and made in His image. God is not human or made of flesh, but humans were formed in the image of God. Meaning morally, spiritually, and intellectually. We were endowed with characteristics that reflect God’s divine nature. This allows us to stand out from any other creature that has been created. Self-actualization and care for humankind are two ways in which Imago Dei is relevant to health care. This type of belief and understand is important to those in health care because it allows us to nurture, care for, and have compassion towards those who we care for. It also allows caregivers to set their own needs aside to address the needs of others. Self-actualization allows individuals to maintain perspective on their own beliefs and values so they can take care of individuals in a non judgment and holistic fashion.

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