to right a literature review no more than 6 lines on the paper title

two small tasks to do:

1- Right a literature review no more than 6 lines on the important of

“Assessment of Knowledge and Perception of disaster preparedness among Emergency Medical Services Professionals at Saudi Arabia Hospitals”. i will attach the references that will help you because it is on the same topic with mine.

2- the second thing is to paraphrase this paragraph again.

“The primary goal of this of this study is to assess the Paramedic’s perceptions regarding their knowledge, skills, and preparedness for disaster management in Saudi Arabia hospitals. The following research questions aimed to help solving that goal: (1) What is the knowledge do the paramedic have about disaster management? (2) What is the skills do the paramedic have for disaster management? (3) If they have knowledge and skills, where did paramedic gain the knowledge and skills regarding disaster preparedness? (4) How do the paramedic perceive their preparedness for disaster management?”

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