thinking critically 3

Now that we have spent some time thinking about thinking critically, I want you to practice critical thinking.

Television commercials are good examples to use for humanities critical thinking projects. 1. They are ubiquitous, they are all around us and probably the most common example of the arts we encounter regularly. 2. They tell stories. 3. They incorporate elements of the arts — film elements, music, theater, visual design. 4. They are intended to evoke a response. 5. They often incorporate multicultural elements.

Watch the clip below. Think about your response to the mini-film. What is your Dionysian response? Watch it again, with an Apollonian eye. How is the film constructed in such a way to get you to have that response. By the way your response is your response. I am not looking for a particular reaction/response to the subject of the commercial (film) I am looking for your understanding (critical thinking) to the work. You might also want to watch it once with the sound off. What are the visual clues you get?

Write up your thoughts about the mini-film including your first (Dionysian) response and your second (Apollonian) response. How is the film getting you to have that response (I realize we haven’t talked about elements yet, I just want to see what and how you identify elements at this point).

I am looking for a response of no less than 250 words.

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