theology assign

1. the author discusses several traditional characteristics or “attributes” of God in Christian theology. In your own words, define the following terms from the reading.





2.In today’s reading, the author points to three themes in the New Testament that show early examples of how Christians experienced God’s presence in Jesus Christ. Which passages of the New Testament(for example, Matt. 25:36 or John 3:16) does the author associate with each theme? The number in parentheses represents how many major passages of the New Testament are associated with each theme, and therefore how many you need to list in the spaces on the right.

Jesus is Lord (1)

Death and Resurrection/ Exaltation (1)

Wisdom and Logos (2)

2. According to today’s reading, what was the primary issue of debate at the Council of Nicea in the year 325?

3. “The Nature and Mission of the Church” by Dennis Doyle, he describes different models, or symbols, of the church. Below define or describe each of these, in one or two sentences of your own words.






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