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Essay #1 Prompt – “What Kind of Writer Are You?” Now that you have spent some time studying the importance of academic writing, how to be a good academic writer, and reading about writing and discussing how writing affects our lives, you can better understand that writing is a crucial part of being a college student. To a student in an academic writing course, writing can be an experience that could only be described as challenging as she struggles to define success. Through it all, the important part of writing is thinking critically and communicating effectively.

Assignment: For this essay, answer the question, “What Kind of Writer Are You?” In your own answer, analyze and describe your experiences with writing and incorporate at least two ideas from the essays we have read together in class. You might not have thought about this question before, nor about your own process of writing, but now you have the chance to do so and tell your audience about it. For some of you, writing has not been a part of your life until now that you are in college, so you can describe this new experience and your relationship with your writing. For others, writing has been a part of your life before, but you wrote in another language. Your analysis can include how you write in English and how this process might differ from writing in your native language. You can also use the sources we read in class to describe how you might use some of the author’s suggestions to become a stronger academic writer or how in the past you thought some of the writing myths were true or did not use their suggestions.

Questions to consider when you explore own writing experience:

● Why do you write?

● Why don’t you write?

● What are some of your writing “successes’?

● What have been some of your negative writing experiences?

● What attractions do words, language and written communication hold for you—or not?

● What changes have you experienced in your interest or disinterest in writing in recent years?


● Define yourself as a writer, and use your own personal experience and ideas from the essays we have been discussing to help you define yourself.

● Follow MLA format

● You will need to use at least TWO of the essays we read in class to support your ideas.

● This essay needs to have grammatical correctness, organization, and comprehensibility. Your essay needs to contain a clearly stated and well-supported thesis, which addresses this topic, and no other topic.


● “How to Read Like a Writer?” by Mike Bunn

● “What is Academic Writing” by Lennie Irvin

● “Ten Ways to Think about Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students” by Shelly Reid

The kind of writer I am


Writing is for amateurs, which did not give up and became professionals. I am an amateur when it comes to writing, but my plan does not include me quitting. My eyes are set on becoming a professional. I don’t want to be a living testimony of Maya Angelou’s words of living with the greatest agony of an untold story in me.

In fact, the problem of writing in high school has always existed. At that time, as a non- professional writer, I would often practice my skills, but relatively speaking high school is much easier. So it was more like an “amateur”. When I went to college, the process of writing always made me anxious as I did not know how to start or how to even go about it after I started. Sometimes the college will give me a kind of fear, this fear reminds me all the time, I must get a high score, I must get a good score. If I didn’t write a good essay and I didn’t get a good grade, that’s why it becomes my anxiety. Also in college, there are many excellent people, it can also be stressful, but I believe it is a challenge to become a better writer.

However, I come from a family that believes in seeking discomfort. I spared time to go to the library and read widely. I also read other materials, including magazines, newspapers, among other materials that told a story. It is from them that I learned how to identify ideas, research and organize materials that I will use for my writing. From an amateur’s perspective, I will detail my writing journey to identify my motivations, the challenges I have encountered and my strategy towards becoming a professional writer that never gives up.

Works cited

Fowler, Corinne, and Harry Whitehead. “Practice at Large: How Creative Writing can-Enhance University Research Environments.” Essays and Studies 71 (2018): 171-180.

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