The Purnell Model: A Holistic Approach to Health Care Delivery

The Purnell Model is a holistic approach to health care delivery that emphasizes the individual’s cultural, social, and spiritual needs. This model was developed by Larry Purnell, a nursing theorist, and is based on the premise that individuals have unique, culturally-based health beliefs and practices. The Purnell Model views health and illness as both physical and psychological phenomena, and takes into account individual and family beliefs, values, and behaviors when providing care.

The Purnell Model is based on 12 domains that encompass cultural, social, and spiritual aspects of health care. These domains include: language, communication, spirituality, education, nutrition, family dynamics, childbearing/childcare, economics, health practices, values, and social/cultural norms. Each domain is further divided into sub-domains, which are based on specific cultural, social, and spiritual realities.

The Purnell Model focuses on providing culturally competent care to individuals and families. It is based on the belief that individuals and families should be empowered to make decisions about their health and that health care providers should strive to understand and respect the unique cultural backgrounds of their patients. This is achieved through holistic assessment, which includes patient interviews and physical examinations. Additionally, providers use Purnell’s Cultural Competence Tool to assess the cultural, social, and spiritual aspects of a patient’s life.

The Purnell Model has been widely adopted in healthcare settings and has been used to improve patient outcomes. Studies have shown that its use can lead to increased patient satisfaction and improved healthcare outcomes. Additionally, the Purnell Model has been used to reduce health disparities among minority populations, as well as to improve the quality of cross-cultural care.

Overall, the Purnell Model is an effective approach to health care delivery that takes into account the unique cultural, social, and spiritual needs of individuals and families. This model emphasizes patient-centered care and has been shown to improve patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes.

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