the life of a theorist reflection maria braveheart

( BE SURE TO MENTION WHICH PART MARIA BRAVEHEART’S THEORY FALLS IN ,in THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK, ) ( psychoanalytical behaviorism cognitive ethology ecology or dynamic theory )

The Life of a Theorist Presentation & Reflection Paper– Feb 5, 2020 – Oral 20 pts and written 25 pts, total of 45 pointsFor all humans, the context in which we grow and development and our personal experiences within these contexts shape our thinking. (See SLO #2). This is also true for the individuals who created the theories and concepts introduced in this course and currently used in education programs. To better comprehend how personal development informs our thinking, you will find the biography of an assigned theorist and write a 1-page paper about them. In addition to writing this paper, you will do a 3 minute oral presentation on the theorist. To receive full credit for this assignment the written paper must include the following four points: 1) the theoretical framework (See SLO #1); 2) the conceived theory or concept and research method used (See SLO #1); 3) theorist major contribution to the field of human development; 4) your personal assessment of the value of the theorist work when applied to the field of child development. The oral present cannot exceed 3-minutes and must include the following information: 1) theorist full name; 2) date of birth and, if applicable, date of death; 3) geographical place of birth; 4) a visual image of theorist; and 5) the and the name of their theory/concept


Do not plagiarize, my school has a soft ware , that automatically checks for plagarizum.

M.L.A FORMAT, 12 font , double spaced , and single line space.

teachers name : Dr. Patricia Nunley

class : CDEV 53 Child Growth and Development

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