technology and apprehension 1

Answer the directions below in no more than 1,500 words. The assignment should be submitted using Microsoft Word with default margins, using 12 point Times New Roman black font, be double-spaced, and be in essay format.

Default Margin Formatting:

Alignment: Left

Outline Level: Body Text

Indentation: Left & Right: 0

Special: None

By: Leave blank

Spacing: Before & After: 0

Line Spacing: Double

At: Leave blank

Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style: Do not ‘check’


EVALUATE how technologies are assisting law enforcement in the following duties:

  1. The fight against terrorism;
  1. Crime scene reconstruction; and
  1. Routine law enforcement patrols.

IDENTIFY 3 technologies, for each duty, and APPLY each identified technology to a real-world law enforcement scenario.

* Include at least three academic or professional sources to support your wor

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