sociological imagination why are these so important to understand the current state of our society perhaps consider things like education prison poverty wages etc

Please summarize the videos, readings, and lectures briefly.

Next, use your sociological imagination. Why are these so important to understand the current state of our society? Perhaps consider things like education, prison, poverty, wages, etc.

Reflect on your personal experiences. Be only as vulnerable as you are comfortable with. Remember that your classmates are human beings who have experienced issues of racism, microaggressions, poverty, and classism. What are your experiences with these?

Now, tie these into structural issues. We often consider racism and poverty as smaller scale, individual, person-to-person events, and individuals’ lived experiences are vital to understand, but they are also tied to larger structural and societal issues. Why do we need a sociological imagination to understand this?

Please provide any other input you’d like to consider.

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