romantic relationships and technology

Technology Debate- Mini Research Paper

Sample Debate topic: What impact do you think increased societal use of technology has on human relationships?

Above is only a sample debatable Question. Research begins with asking a question – but the question has to be debatable (Meaning the hypothetical answer should have a pro side and a con side- for example the pro side will say technology has been beneficial and a wonderful experience for human relationships, and the con side will say it has made humans more lonely so has had a negative impact on human relationships). You would have brainstormed such a similar / different mini topic under technology.

What mini topic did you finally decide on? – Romantic Relationships and technology

What is your debatable question?

Read the Referenced Articles: (These articles are under modules). Quote from at least 1 (remember you did a discussion Question on it- choose that). However, don’t limit yourself to only the articles I have given, pls find your own in library database.

  • Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? – Stephen Marche
  • Watch the video: You did a discussion question on this too

Sherry Turkle: Connected Yet Alone (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


Referring to at least one of the above-referenced articles and your own database researched outside source/s and experiences/observations, present your views on the mini topic you came up with in your mini group (Romantic Relationships and technology).

This essay should be 2-3 pages long.

Use parenthetical citations appropriately. We recommend that no more than 20% of your paper should be quoted/paraphrased/summarized from the source material. Use my TLQs to develop your response to given quotes.


Write your topic and debatable question here: Romantic Relationships and technology

Support your position with logical arguments referring to the articles and also to your own experience and observations.

Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1.Response to topic

  1. Demonstration of understanding of topic and readings

3.Presence of a structured and focused thesis

4.Clear scheme of organization

5.Focused and developed paragraphs

6.Control of grammatical structures, spelling, and punctuation

7.Proper in-text MLA citation

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