review rfp responses and select cloud vendor

Now, you assume two different roles within this project. First, you will represent BallotOnline as an IT procurement manager in steps 1–4. Then, in steps 5–8, you will assume an engineering role in the IT department. You will proceed through eight steps as you review the RFP responses from several vendors, evaluate technical solutions, and then finally submit a final report to executive management.

As the bid and proposal manager with BallotOnline, you will start by reviewing two RFP responses from cloud vendors.

You have 1 RFP, “Example ASK, INC RFP RESPONSE“) which was correctly done. The other RFP that needs to be ranked rank is “final RFP response” against the other one “Example ASK, INC RFP RESPONSE. That will give you a total of 2 to review. Use the evaluation criteria provided in the RFP response review process (in “Project 2 Select a Cloud Vendor INSTRUCTIONS” Step 1) to begin to assess the overall quality and fit of the proposals.

Aug 6

Milestone Due: Select a Cloud Vendor

Submit milestone for review:

  • Steps 1-4
  • Financial Proposal Ranking Ranking
  • Technical Proposal Ranking

Aug 13

Milestone Due: Select a Cloud Vendor

Submit milestone for review:

  • Steps thru step 6
  • Build AWS Migration Environment Lab Report
  • Test Web Services Migration Lab Report

Aug 20

Select a Cloud Vendor Due

  • Incorporate feedback; resubmit if necessary, or move on to complete the project
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