respond to classmate 17

response to a classmate’s post that elaborates on what s/he has said (at least 75 -85 words )

this is my classmate discussion and I need to response base of that she put in there

While the community ostracizes Sula, it is subconsciously grateful for her presence.

The assertion above is one that I agree with. After Sula’s return to The Bottom, the community labels her as evil. The stories that they have heard, such as: her indifferent reaction to Hannah’s death, and her affair with white men are such stories that attribute to the gravity of anything that goes wrong in the community. Mr. Finley, for example, who had been sucking on chicken bones on his porch, saw Sula for the first time after her return, and choked to death. When Teapot knocks on Sula’s door to ask for bottles, her response is no, and suddenly as he turned away he fell down the stairs (Morrison 107). Because of Sula’s presence during these events, the community does not doubt to blatantly blame her for the incidents. However, these incidents, ironically, improve the community’s kinship and personal lives. Before Teapot’s fall it is stated that Betty, his mom, “was called Teapot’s Mamma because being his mamma was precisley her major failure”(Morrison 106). However, after Teapots’s fall, for the first time in her life, Betty has an inclination to provide the best care for her son, she has an inclination to motherhood. This proves that Sula’s presence is bettering the community’s actions and identities and that they are subconsciously grateful for it.

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